Oracle Bought DNS Provider Dyn For More Than $600 Million

Enterprise services company Oracle has announced the acquisition of Dyn, the DNS provider that suffered a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) strike last month, which harmed many important websites as Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify or GitHub. The deal was closed at a price that rounds between $600 and $700 millions, which was an important agreement for the company considering that IBM wanted to purchase a bid.

DNS Provider Dyn Would Allow Oracle To Compete Against Amazon And Google

According to Tech Crunch, Oracle´s intentions with this deal is to add Dyn´s DNS solution to its giant cloud computing platform in order to compete against major companies as Amazon and Google, giving the fact that it provides a range of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Although Oracle didn´t want to make any statement regarding the cyber strike that Dyn suffered in October, the truth is that the enterprise service company had a similar situation back in August, in which many of its computer systems were breached.

One of the main controversies regarding this acquisition was the time in which it was agreed since many believe that if it was after the cyberattack, the final price could have been less than if it was before. However, the takeover deal was already well underway as the strike happened, and apparently, the incident wouldn´t had any kind of impact in the sale final price.

A Good Deal For Both Companies

According to the International Business Times, an Oracle´s spokesperson explained that the acquisition is obviously subject to closing conditions, so until the transaction is closed, both companies will keep operating independently. Giving this fact, the president of product development at Oracle, Thomas Kurian, explained that Dyn will be a critical core component and natural extension of the company´s cloud computing platform, which could also provide to the customers a unique access to Internet performance information that offers a high number of benefits.

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