Pokemon Sun And Moon Review: Most Annoying, Saddest Feature So Far

Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers, how are all the recently released Nintendo 3DS games so far? We have to admit, for months, the latest Pokemon games have been making waves all over the internet - providing us leaks, data mined info, juicy details from its game demo, and now, we're finally here, almost a week from its release. And boy, more hype for Pokemon Sun and Moon! This time, our game feeds are all about game reviews, guides, tips and tricks, cheats, and anything that you just need to air out playing Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Call for Help

One of the new additions of Pokemon Sun and Moon that so far has annoyed some trainers is its "call for help" feature. This new Pokemon game mechanic allows the Pokemon opponent to request for reinforcements a couple of times until it may sicken you during a battle. With this, Pokemon battles are said to be tougher than the usual which is good for those trainers looking for something more challenging. However, this also turn Pokemon battles way more longer to finish and is said to create a rather difficult experience when trying to capture an enemy Pokemon when there are two of them.

Why Call for Help feature annoys Pokemon Sun and Moon Players

Due to this, the Pokemon Sun and Moon "call help" feature is said to either annoy players or make it a real challenge for those who are bored with the "usual". However, more and more trainers seem to be expressing their distaste on this added feature when they usually find themselves stuck in the excruciating Pokemon battles when their main goal is to actually "catch 'em all" Pokemon.

Now if you think your Pokemon will be spared once you ask for back up, sorry to say, Pokemon Sun and Moon reinforcements don't always appear whenever they are needed. In fact, many of the trainers found out the hard way that "calling for help only works a percentage of the time, and Pokemon may find themselves waiting for the battle buddy that just won't come". So, there's that. Where's a friend when you need one?

Don't Be Sad

To avoid ending this article with a sad note, at least there's the Pokemon Sun and Moon high-fives feature that will let you bond with your Pokemon. Also, don't forget to make your Pokemon happy especially if you already have Pichu, Eevee and Munchlax. Now go and become the very best!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are already available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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