Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: The Only Pokemon That Can Beat All Totem Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon has just rolled out and people are starting to go out in their journey to become the very best. One challenge of the game is not being beaten the heck out of by a Totem Pokemon. If you're kind of stuck battling them, then you're in luck, there's one Pokemon that can help you with it.

Totem Pokemon, or Leader Pokemon, are special. They are battled at the end of each particular island trial. These Pokemon are bigger than the usual species size. They also have special aura which boost a specific stat when battle starts. They also can summon allies to help. With those descriptions, no wonder, players would have a hard time beating Totem Pokemon.

When all hope is gone, there's one pink hippo slash salamander-like Pokemon you can count on. Meet Slowpoke, its eyes are never focused, and it has ears that are rounded and curled, also has tan muzzle. In terms of intelligence, Slowpoke lives up to its name, so we won't focus on that matter today. Despite all its descriptions and features, Slowpoke is very useful when battling Totem Pokemon.

Slowpoke can counter Totem Pokemon's "call for help" in Sun and Moon

As stated above, Totem Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon can ask for assistance when needed during battles, this would mean that you'll be battling in 2 VS 1 with the odds against you. What's worse is that everytime you beat a Pokemon that's helping a Totem Pokemon, another one pops out. Don't worry, there's a remedy for that.

To counter this, you can use Slowpoke's Yawn move, it can put a called ally to sleep, even put the Totem Pokemon itself to sleep. Therefore, Slowpoke can help level the odds back to 1 VS 1. It is important to note that other Pokemon can also do paralyze or sleep tricks but Slowpoke's Yawn ability is very reliable and effective.

Slowpoke can stop Totem Pokemon's Strongest Moves and Heals in Sun and Moon

Totem Pokemon fights in Pokemon Sun and Moon are quite long compared to regular battles, they also have moves that hit hard, and they heal themselves very effectively. Slowpoke, once again, comes to the rescue with its ever reliable Yawn ability. It can 'Disable' heals and other strong moves. So at this point, it's important to remember adding Slowpoke to your slots when fighting Totem Pokemon.

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