Overwatch Symmetra Ability Update: Heroine More Formidable With Second Ultimate Ability

By Benjie Batanes , Nov 23, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Overwatch players will be glad to know that Symmetra will have two ultimate abilities soon. Aside from the second ultimate, the heroine will also have several substantial upgrades in the game.

Why The Need For Symmetra Upgrade

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan agreed that Symmetra is an effective character only in certain conditions. Symmetra players also "feel rushed" as they frantically shield their team mates first and then go to the frontline to set up their turrets. This is probably the reason why a lot of players do not like to use her as an Overwatch character. Fortunately, the Overwatch design team is giving her a major boost.

The Photon Barrier

The Indian heroine will get a major upgrade starting with a second ultimate ability, the Photon Barrier. Kaplan described it as somewhat similar to Winston or Reinhardt's energy barriers. Symmetra's photon barrier however, is elliptically shaped and "moves along a trajectory", according to the game director. Other team members can stay behind this moving shield for protection. Symmetra can also use the barrier as an effective defense for her devices. She can currently choose between the new Photon Barrier and the Teleporter move.

Other Weapons Upgrade

The recent update will allow Symmetra to set up all of her six sentry turrets without the cooldown penalty. She is normally a support character but these recent upgrades may make her better at playing offense. Symmetra's primary weapon, the photon projector also got some range extension but not enough to make it as powerful as a sniper's rifle.

New Symmetra Upgrades Ready For Testing In PTR

Overwatch players can test Symmetra's new abilities and upgrade via the Public Test Realm (PTR) which started on Nov. 22, 2016. The Overwatch PTR however, is currently limited to Windows PC users with active Battlenet accounts. Overwatch participants should be aware however, that the PTR can only accommodate 10,000 players at the same time.

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