Apple's iOS 10 Welcomes Nintendo DS Games, But Why?

Nintendo DS games incorporated on an iOS 10 device will normally be requiring a jailbreak. But fortunately, there is now a way to play your favorite DS games without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

Playing DS Games on iOS will require two or more Emulators

This hack trick is compatible with iPhones or iPads that run on iOS 10 or later versions and will require at least two emulators, the iNDS and NDS4iOS and no jailbreak will be needed whatsoever. Installing the two emulators is completely straightforward, except that they are not available in the App Store.

How to install iNDS and NDS4iOS on iOS 10 devices

First of all, open the Safari browser on the device and go to Tap on Apps located on top of the screen. Look for NDS4iOS or INDS then tap on it. Tap the Install button once it appears. A pop-up message might appear requesting for confirmation, tap on it and Install again to confirm. The user will then need to go to Settings-General-Profile and finally, tap Trust for the recently created profile.

How to use the hack

Connect the iOS device to a Mac or Windows PC and open iTunes. Select the iOS device which is located at the top left side. Go to File Sharing and the NDS4iOS or INDS will be listed as a dedicated application. The user will then drag the Nintendo DS ROM and the game can now be played on the iOS 10 device. You then need to just repeat this process for the other emulator.

Problems to face

Either the iNDS or NDS4iOS can run the DS games on the iOS 10. Keep in mind that Apple has the habit of revoking certifications on apps that do not come directly from its official App Store. If one emulator fails to work, users can always use the other one as backup or replacement. The constant Apple certificate revocation will make it a necessity for the users to install the emulators several times if they want to continue playing the Nintendo DS games.

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