Overwatch Update: New Event Hinted? Christmas Jingle Discovered By Data Miners

By Nick Halden , Nov 25, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Overwatch will have a Christmas event as always. Data miners however, managed to uncover an Overwatch Christmas Jingle from the game's codes along with some other audio clips.

Overwatch Christmas Jingle Found

Reddit User Venxa posted a variety of Overwatch voices and special effects including a Christmas Jingle for the upcoming holiday event. The 43-second music will surely put Overwatch players in a Christmassy mood as they go on killing and blasting their opponents.

Overwatch is expected to feature some Christmas decoration of its own in the maps. Just like last Halloween, Heroes will have news skins, icons and other accessories that will embody the Christmas spirit. However, Blizzard has yet to officially announce an upcoming Overwatch Christmas event but base on previous years, it's more likely to happen.

Sombra, Other Heroes Voices Uncovered

The Reddit posts also contained various Sombra voice lines and a number of heroes as well. The short voice clips main involved Sombra's interaction with the other heroes. There's a video clip where Sombra taunted Zarya about Katya Volskaya. This is obviously in reference to Sombra's meeting with the Volskaya Industries CEO in the short video clip entitled "Infiltration".

Overwatch - New PTR Features

The Overwatch design team is testing a new feature in PTR right now called "Stay as Team". This option is available to a group of players who want to stick together after completing a match. This feature is available only for Windows PC users at the moment.

Symmetra fans are happy right now since their favorite heroine has two ultimate abilities. The new second ultimate is called the Photon Barrier. This new ability acts like a shield that can protect other team mates running closely behind her. Symmetra also received a number of upgrades including the ability to set up six turrets at once without the cooldown penalty. The new and improved Heroine is available at the PTR right now.

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