Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide, Tips: Where To Look For Pokemon Move Tutors

By Nick Halden , Nov 25, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can learn a lot of moves for their Pokemon. All they have to do is find the NPC move tutors scattered in various locations.

Meet the Move Reminder Tutor

The Move Reminder tutor can be found at Ula'ula Island's Pokemon Center on Mount Lanakila. This NPC is probably the most important tutor of them all in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Once your Pokemon learn the Reminder Move, it can remember long forgotten moves or those that you may have accidentally deleted. The Pokemon will also get to learn a move that is normally reserved for its higher level peers.

Meet the Move Deleter

The Move Deleter tutor is located at the Pokemon Center on Hau'oli City. He is not the most popular one right now. This is because move delete is normally effective against HM moves which is no longer present in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Move Delete however can still be used as a last resort.

Tutor for Grass, Fire and Water Pledge

The tutor for all the three Pledge namely, Grass, Fire and Water can be found at a booth in the Hau'oli City Mall. He is the one on the right of Mr. Hyper. These three special pledge moves are for the Starter Pokemon.

Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon Tutor

The NPC trainer for Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon is on the left of Mr. Hyper. The special moves that he will teach are for fully evolved Starter Pokemon.

Volt Tackle Tutor

The Volt Tackle tutor is located in Konikoni City. Volt Tackle is of particular importance to Pikachu since it will be needed for the Z-Move Catastropika. The NPC tutor is also the one that gives the Z-Crystal to Pikachu.

Tutor for Secret Sword and Relic Song Moves

The tutor is staying at the Grand Resort Hotel. The Secret Sword Move is necessary for Keldeo to achieve its Resolute Form. Meanwhile, Meloetta needs the Relic Song Move for Piroutte Forme.

Tutor for Draco Meteor

The Draco Meteor can be found at the Pokemon Center in Seafolk Village. Pokemon such as Arceus and Silvally will need the powerful Draco Meteor in battle.

Tutor for Dragon Ascent

The Dragon Ascent NPC trainer is also located at Seafolk Village's Pokemon Center. This Rayquaza exclusive move will enable it to evolve into a Mega Rayquaza. No other Pokemon Sun and Moon creature can learn this move.

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