Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How And Where To Get Unlimited Premier Pokeballs

Pokeballs are the most important items in Pokemon Sun and Moon next to your pet monsters. Without them, you cannot catch Pokemon monsters much more keep them. You need to have a lot of them as well since there are monsters that are difficult to catch and you need to use more than two or three Pokeballs before you can catch them. Wouldn't it be nice to get unlimited Pokeballs, much more Premier Balls?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Premier Balls are in red and white color rather than the original red and black Pokeballs. They have nothing special about them and they work the same way as the Pokeball. You normally get a Premier Ball by getting it for free after buying 10 Pokeballs. So where and how do you get an unlimited number of these balls in Pokemon Sun and Moon without having to buy it?

First, you have to clear the 3rd Island Trail and visit the Battle Royale Dome in Pokemon Sun and Moon. After doing that, go to the right side of the dome and take that path on the right which leads you to the Mega Mart. Get inside the store and where you can get a coupon from an attendant. You will use this coupon to claim half of your money.

After that, go to the cashier and purchase 10 or more Pokeballs or as much as your money allows. The Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokeballs are very affordable and with every 10 Pokeballs you buy, you get one free Premier ball. You might be wondering why you have to spend when the guide said you don't have to use up your money, right? Here's the trick: after buying the Pokeballs and getting your Premier balls, you can re-sell the Pokeballs again; thus, you can get your money back. On the other hand, you retain your Premier balls.

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