DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Update: Shipment From Some Retailers Now Ongoing

DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Update: Shipment From Some Retailers Now Ongoing
DJI shipments are now stabilizing. Photo : FliteTest / YouTube

DJI Mavic Pro early buyers might have been through a lot of frustrations as DJI failed to hit its target release date. If you haven't heard about the issue yet, know that DJI promised to ship the Mavic Pro mid-October. However, October 15 came and went with a bunch of customers not receiving their orders. More weeks went by with the same shipment problem going on. The problem with this is that DJI initially somewhat denied the issue and they also gave out vague reasoning. This frustrated the buyers even more.

DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Date

Needless to say, the time has arrived when DJI had no choice but to explain and apologize. The company released a statement first week of November acknowledging once and for all that there has been an issue. There were some flowery and fancy explanations here and there but the bottom-line is that DJI admits to the Mavic Pro shipment problem which might have been caused by lack of time, short supply and by manufacturing issues as well. The company also said that they aim to have all previous orders cleared not later than December.

DJI Mavic Pro buyers took it upon themselves and created their own discussions in different social media platforms. Facebook groups and Reddit threads have been a good outlet of info sharing between DJI Mavic Pro early buyers. There is also a public Google Sheet that shows the status of each order.

DJI Mavic Pro Order Status For Orders Made Through Retailers

A Reddit thread has been dedicated to tracking DJI Mavic Pro shipments from different retailers. As of November 9, B&H, Amazon, Drone World, Newegg and DJI have already supposedly shipped out orders. Drone Nerds on the other hand has supposedly stated that their stocks are scheduled for arrival mid-November. For Best Buy purchases of the Mavic Pro, it seems like orders have been moved to get a shipment date of November 30. Apple on the other hand is expected to ship out the Mavic Pro December 13.

For Mavic Pro purchases that were made outside the US, know that Jessop's Camera Store UK is already shipping out orders. Wex Photographic UK is expected to start shipment late November. Canada's Vistek on the other hand is expected to have started the shipment November 4.

DJI Mavic Pro Early Verdict

Without doubt, the DJI Mavic Pro is still among the top drones in the market right now. However, for those who are yet to buy it, doing that now may not be the cleverest thing to do. It would be safer if you wait a little while until every retailer has catered to all of the orders and until DJI gets to put everything under control. As of now it's obvious that the supply issue is just starting to be handled so it might still be risky to make a Mavic Pro order right now. You wouldn't want to fall in line behind the waiting customers who made their order a couple months ago.

Of course if you aren't in a hurry to get your drone there's no problem in buying it now. Besides, DJI isn't exactly accused of running away with your money. It's almost sure that you will be getting what you pay for, it's just hard to tell when, especially when considering this current shipment issue. However, if you can actually wait, getting a DJI Mavic Pro from a physical store should be the safest thing to do.

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