How Are Things Going For The DJI Mavic Pro? Update, Shipments And Statements

How Are Things Going For The DJI Mavic Pro? Update, Shipments And Statements
DJI Mavic Pro shipment now under control. Photo : DJI / YouTube

DJI has always been known for its magnificent drone collection. They have always been a top go-to source of different leveled drones. However, upon DJI's release of the Mavic Pro, their clientele may have started seeing them differently. What used to be a mere drone-making "machine", turns out to be just as human as its customers. As it turns out, DJI failed to hit their target shipment date leaving its customers frustrated.

DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Delay

The company has started taking pre orders for the Mavic Pro a couple of months ago with a promise that shipment will start October 15, Gizmodo reported. However, that date arrived without a drone in customers' sight. The problem with this delay is that the customers were also deprived of a decent update as to what was happening. Nevertheless, customers inevitably took to forums to express their dismay.

The initial part of the delay was clearly a nightmare for Mavic Pro buyers who had no idea where their money went. Not only were their drones not in sight, DJI also gave out vague explanations about the issue. Irate customers even theorized that the company pushed for an early Mavic Pro launch despite unpreparedness to match GoPro Karma's release.

DJI Finally Released A More Honest Statement

On November 3, DJI took to their forum to express their apology for the delays in the shipment of the Mavic Pro. As per the company's claim, they indeed planned to do their initial shipment mid-October. However, DJI said that speeding up production at top speed while maintaining quality took longer than expected. The company also said that they encountered a problem with one part of the drone and it took them a week to resolve it. Additionally, DJI also mentioned that the demand they got for the Mavic Pro exceeded their expectations.

Nevertheless, as per the company's statement, they have already been shipping since two weeks prior. Unfortunately though, they cannot release ETAs for their shipments. However, DJI said that they will try to clear all orders in about two months' time, at least for orders made before November 3.

DJI Mavic Pro Update

A number of customers also took to the online communities to express both their dismay and appreciation for DJI's statement. Most of these people aren't exactly in a rush to get their drones. They just wanted a solid statement as to what was happening, and with DJI explaining themselves, the problem slowly got under control.

On November 11, Tech Crunch posted a report of an interview with Adam Lisberg, DJI head for North American communications. As per Lisberg, the delay was caused by production issues they met along the way. He also clarified that the certain issue was not caused by the Mavic Pro's foldable arms. However, Lisberg did not go into detail regarding this matter. He just said that, "It's safe to say that we've learned lessons from the delays that we experienced."

Lisberg also said that the delay wasn't caused by the unexpected demand for the Mavic Pro, which actually sounds contradictory to the company's November 3 statement. Nevertheless, using the director's words, they have already learned their lessons. With that, it's also safe to say that fans should stretch out their patience and understand that bumps can indeed be stumbled upon even by the biggest of the companies like DJI.

Needless to say, Lisberg also clarified that the launch of the Mavic Pro around the same time as the GoPro Karma was just coincidental. He said that they had already set the date months prior the big reveal. Nevertheless, as of now, it looks like everything is already being handled properly and DJI has indeed learned a lot from the Mavic Pro's delays.

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