Overwatch Sombra Rocks As Laura in Streetfighter V

Sombra, the fighter/hacker character in Overwatch, is one of the kick-ass females in the game world. So is Laura Matsuda of Streetfighter V. What happens if you meld these two characters together? A more kick-ass female fighter, of course.

That is what YouTuber TheJAMK was thinking when he made a Sombra mod and join the fun in the Streetfighter V brawl. All you need to do is watch the video below and be blown away thinking how in the world Sombra managed to teleport in the Streetfighter V world.

Thanks to TheJAMK and technology, this has become a possibility. For those who are familiar with the YouTuber's work, he has fun messing up games and is really good at doing it.

To transport Sombra to Streetfighter V, he used Laura Matsuda as the base and tweaked the design to transform her into one of the most beloved Overwatch character.

The foundation was a perfect one since the Overwatch hacker and the Brazilian beauty have similarities. Both of them have long flowing hair on one side while the other side is cropped. With that feature, Laura is the most obvious choice to mod Sombra.

TheJAMK was modest enough to say that his work is not that awesome as he wanted it to be. Nevertheless, he wanted fans to enjoy his work of art.

"I’m not exactly proud of the animation in the clothes, but I think it’s not that bad. The colors are not exactly the same as the original because I wanted the alternative colors to work. And it is somewhat difficult since the character has degraded colors. Anyway I hope you like it," he said.

The short video featured Sombra vs Sombra so that fans will have a better view of how the mod works. And we say it is pretty impressive.

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