PokeLens Takes Pokemon Go Battles To The Next Level With The Use of Microsoft HoloLens

We all know how Pokemon Go brought mobile gaming to the next level with their augmented reality gameplay and success was written well on that. Now, what if the game can bring more to the table, say more innovative thus making some features more realistic? Well, say no more as a genius developer is on his way to revolutionize mobile games further.

With the use of Microsoft HoloLens, Pokemon Go is like an all-new mobile game with a more realistic approach. Thanks to the creative mind of KennyWdev who enhanced Pokemon Go gameplay by taking Pokemon battles to a whole new level - they will take place in front of our very eyes with HoloLens.

Microsoft HoloLens

Now, this amazing device according to its official website "embraces virtual reality and augmented reality to create a new reality-mixed reality. Virtual reality immerses you in a simulated world. Augmented reality overlays digital information on top of your real world. By understanding your environment, mixed reality enables holograms to look and sound like they're part of your world." In short, Microsoft HoloLens is nothing short of amazing as it transforms the ways we create, explore, communicate and collaborate.

Pokemon Battles with PokeLens

Now with PokeLens, you can still capture Pokemon and battle your opponents when playing Pokemon Go but it will give you more battle options. The PokeLens demo showcased these Pokemon battle options: Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Thunder Shock, Switch, Growl and Pokeball.

The demo also only showed Pidgey and Pikachu for now but the main idea of being able to plan out your battles with attack options (aside from seeing the Pokemon battle right in front of you) is already a major step forward.

Additionally, playing Pokemon Go with PokeLens also allows you to communicate with your Pokemon via voice commands which definitely makes you feel like a real Pokemon trainer, yes? And not having to strain your neck for hours just to play Pokemon Go is a big help!

Do you think PokeLens is a big step up than the typical playing on the smartphone? What do you think about wearing HoloLens while playing Pokemon Go? How would you feel actually seeing Pikachu and being able to give commands? Does it make you feel like Ash Ketchum? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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