Pokemon Go Guide: How To Deal With Random Movesets When You Can't Customize Them

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Movesets are random in Pokemon Go, some may not care but there are top trainers who want to be the very best, like no one ever does! Here's an article on how to deal with random movesets. Photo : YouTube / The Official Pokémon Channel

Changing movesets in Pokemon Go has been an ongoing desire for most players. For some, like me, we just don't care. We accept any wild Pokemon that come our way and nurture it as if it's our own child, but really, most just go to the professor for Candy. A study shows that there's no way to alter movesets in Pokemon Go, for now, but I have some ideas that might ligthen you up.

The Silph Road, a sub-Reddit dedicated to everything Pokemon Go, has this study about influencing the outcomes of Pokemon evolutions so that desired movesets can be achieved. The results are now out and you can read the details on the link. I hate to let you down but the outcome of the study does not favor the theory.

What is a moveset anyway?

For casual Pokemon Go players like yours truly, we really don't care about movesets, we just tap and tap on gym battles, add a little bit of swipes for dodging, and hope for the best that we'd win. That's it. Anyways, "moveset" is a Pokemon's ability to do quick and charge attacks; bet you didn't know that, didn't you? Some of these movesets have advantage over others so that is why serious Pokemon Go trainers want particular movesets as their gym battlers' ability.

The only way you can find out about a Pokemon's moveset in Pokemon Go is right after you successfully catch it or after it has been hatched. When you evolve a Pokemon, its moveset will also change regardless of the current moves already moved.

The study conducted 10,000 evolutions for data gathering. All that data gathering, factors weighed in, and painstaking analysis went on just to find out one thing: there is no way to determine a Pokemon's moveset in Pokemon Go. Well, at least they came into a conclusion.

The only 'prediction' you can make, according to the study, is the percentage of what moveset a Pokemon will have after evolving in Pokemon Go. Say a creature has 4 movesets post evolution, then there's a 25% chance you'd get either of the 4. Sounds obvious and stupid, but at least it's math.

How to deal with it?

The simplest solution is to just let it be, if that's what you got then fine, use it. But if you're really into moveset customization, the best way to deal with this right now is to capture a certain Pokemon as many as you can, observe its moveset pattern, evolve properly, and you'll end up with say 10 Pincers with different movesets. All you need to do now is pick what fits best in a battle. Problem solved, for now.

How about you? Do you have any ideas on how to determine movesets in Pokemon Go? Hit us with your proposed studies and ideas on the comments section below. Here's also a guide from YouTube's Trainer Tips on how to determine movesets when evolving but I'm pretty sure it would also end up with nothing.

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