Pokemon Go Guide: Ditto's Stats And Abilities When Used In Gyms

Pokemon Go: Caught A Ditto + Gym Battle
What happens if you attack a gym with Ditto? What happens if you leave Ditto in a gym? Find out all the crazy stuff this creature does by reading here. Pokemon just got exciting because of this creature. Photo : YouTube / Duck360Gaming2

Pokemon Go fans who are still loyal as ever, how do you find the new updates? Well, we have to admit, the latest changes on the still popular AR mobile game definitely turn the notch up higher. With the CP changes made on some Pokemon (some nerfed, some buffed), and reports of higher Pokemon "Flee" rate (you know, when you're catching Pidgey or another Pokemon yet they end up fleeing still no matter how curved your curveball was), "challenging" is one word we can now describe in capturing Pokemon and battling in Pokemon Go gyms. Niantic definitely knows what it's doing, thankfully.

Meet Ditto, The Transform Pokemon

Pokemon Go also did not fail to bring smiles to our smiles when they released Ditto in their latest update! If you're not quite sure what Ditto is, then prepare to be amazed and enlightened! This Pokemon is nothing short of amazing as it is known to turn into any other Pokemon, thus the nickname, "Transform Pokemon".

According to Bulbapedia, Ditto is a "light purple or magenta free-form blob with vestigial facial features. It also appears to have two vestigial, handless 'arms' protruding from its body. It is capable of transforming into an exact replica of any physical object." With that description, we can somehow imagine the hype it will cause to Pokemon Go, yes?

Ditto Confirmed in Pokemon Go

Apparently, you don't have to imagine as many players have already reported to seeing Ditto everywhere when playing Pokemon Go. And no, Ditto in the wild doesn't appear as the blob-looking smiley thing "Ditto" but it somehow appears as a different Pokemon, say a Pidgey, and when you do catch it, the name would say Ditto. Voila! It's like an uninvited friend turning up suddenly in one of your secret parties.

So now that Ditto has been confirmed to now be in Pokemon Go, what does this disguisable Pokemon actually do in battles? Will it copy its opponent and copy its attack as well? Will it have the same attack and defense stats, too? Thankfully, you don't have to overthink about these questions tonight as The Silph Road has the answers.

How does Ditto fare in Pokemon Go battles

According to The Silph Road, Pokemon Go Ditto can do almost anything in battle. What's amazing about this Pokemon is it can actually adopt the movesets of whatever Pokemon he is in battle with. So that means, when you take this copycat of a Pokemon to the Pokemon Go gym, it will copy the same species as the first opponent it is fighting.

Some reports also mentioned that Ditto can have the same CP with its opponent while in a battle. Other trainers also added that it will copy the moves and stats of its target but will keep its IV and health stat so its CP will be distinct.

Redditor Kvothealer, the lucky trainer who first reported to have located a Ditto, shared some details to Heavy of how it acts in Pokemon Go battles: "If you use it in a gym it transforms into the first opponent it comes across like in the games. It stays as that Pokemon throughout the battles. It gets their type and moveset too. HP doesn't change but someone mentioned your attack and defense do just like in the game".

Another Redditor named Paanvaaand also confirmed that Ditto automatically turns into another Pokemon to match its opponent, however, you cannot attack or dodge first. So while in transformation, Ditto may be attacked more than once which results to heavier damage. Additionally, DimensionalNet, another Reddit user, said that Ditto can only transform once in battle so it will stay looking like that even if you have swapped it out or the original Pokemon has already lost. And yes, Ditto can battle another Ditto but don't expect an exciting match as they are said to just "chip" at each other.

Any more details you can add about Pokemon Ditto? How do you think you can use Ditto in battling at Pokemon Go gyms? Are you playing Pokemon Go while celebrating Thanksgiving? How delicious do you think the turkey is going to be like? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and Happy Thanksgiving, you guys!

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