Overwatch News: How Low End Rigs And Bad Graphics Are Giving Tactical Advantage For Snipers

For those that are not new in Esports, some of you may have already noticed that occasionally, competitive players tend to lower their game's graphical settings during practice or even during a competition. It may sound ridiculous but lowering the graphical settings of a game sometimes provide tactical advantage to the user particularly FPS titles. Today, we're going to reveal how much of an advantage does low or bad graphics provide to the player.

Low End Rigs and Bad Graphics' Tactical Advantage

It may sound unorthodox but having a low end rig actually helps on prominent FPS titles particularly CS:GO and Overwatch. Now you may wonder how graphics affect the gameplay of the aforementioned FPS titles. Well simply put, bad graphics lead to a more profound "pixels" for a character's design such as that of a head, etc. and in some rare cases, even remove obstructions in-game. This lead to numerous exploits by players to the degree that they're using specific vantage points without players knowing it even existed.

Overwatch Bad Graphics Exploit

One particular advantage of scaling down your graphics in Overwatch can be found in Ilios map wherein a tree is blocking the sniper's view leading to the capture point. At first, you'll definitely wouldn't able to get a clear shot out of the bushes but after lowering down the video settings, the bushes from the tree magically disappears and leaves an open view for snipers to the capture point. This hidden vantage point was recently patched and fixed by Blizzard following numerous exploits from the community.

Now, another hidden vantage point can be found in Hollywood. A specific planter on the map can make ferns disappear when viewed on low graphical settings. This was also fixed by Blizzard a few days ago. But who knows, there may be more hidden vantage points where players can abuse using low graphical settings.

What do you think of this exploit? Have you tried to experience some anomalies when you play the game in low resolution setting? Share your ideas in the comments down below!

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