Overwatch News: Take A Look At How A Hacker Uses 'Smart' Aimbot In The Game

Aimbot is prevalent on most FPS titles and Overwatch is no exception. Just recently, a Reddit user posted a video of how hackers are using an advance Aimbot mechanic that is not noticeable even when featured in a PotG. Let's take a look at this new and advance Aimbot that not even Blizzard can detect.

Overwatch Aimbot Hack

A Reddit post shows a new and advance Aimbot that still remained undetected by Blizzard and has since accumulated a total amount of 300,000 downloads across all platforms. This Aimbot uses advance new mechanic which doesn't take effect if the cursor is far from the assigned target. If used by a total beginner, the Aimbot wouldn't be of much use but if utilized by a casual player, the hack guaranties at least 60% accuracy in every game.

Overwatch New Aimbot: How Does it Work?

The mechanics behind the 'smart' Aimbot is that once a player fires, a small rectangle area near the center (head) of the enemy is created within the hacker's field of view. Once the hacker fires within that rectangle area, the hack automatically drags its cursor towards the center, issuing a guaranteed headshot. But if fired outside the rectangle field, nothing happens.

This new hack mechanic makes it hard for players to notice if someone is actually using the hack or not. Even when it's taken from a PotG, the hack wouldn't be detected as the rectangle field cannot be seen via replay. Also, it's virtually impossible to notice if someone is hacking or not in the higher tiers considering that a lot of skilled players are used playing against opponents with high accuracy.

Overwatch: How To Detect The Hack?

For the time-being, there is no definitive way to detect if someone is using this Aimbot as it's inconspicuously hidden behind the word "skill." It's not the same as those of COD or CS:GO Aimbots that can be overtly discerned. For now, we can only hope for Blizzard to detect the hack in their system and finally put a stop to this case. If you want to catch a glimpse of the smart Aimbot, take a look at the video down below.


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