'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 69 Spoilers: Dr. Slump Crossover To Happen; Future Gohan Episode Coming Soon?

In the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super", Goku is seen successfully gathering all the dragon balls in the earth, hoping that he could bring back King Kai to life after such a long time. However, his friends are all assuming they can have Goku's second wish which have caused a lot of arguing who among them will have it. One of them is Bulma who wishes to get a special ingredient that will complete her time machine invention so Trunks can come back again.

Later on, Goku calls for Shenron, who had to wait a long time for everyone to decide who gets the second wish. Roshi is seen asking for women while 18 is curious what Krillin's gift is to her and many more petty wishes. In the earliest episode of "Dragon Ball Super", meeting Shenron is the ultimate goal of the story which also means the anime is coming to an end. However, the series has come a long way from its first season that the anime now focuses on many different aspects of Goku's world.

Before the "Dragon Ball Super" episode ended, Bulma is seen negotiating with the other characters to give her the second wish. Bulma's intention to bring back the time machine has sparked curiosity among fans. Speculations for the coming episode now includes Future Gohan arriving if Bulma becomes successful in building the time machine. And it's definitely not impossible because compared to the wishes of other characters, Bulma seems to have the most important reason so Goku could choose her.

Another spoiler expected to happen in the coming episode is a crossover with "Dr. Slump" anime in "Dragon Ball Super". It is definitely an episode to look forward as it should bring a lot of humor in the episode after the long battle with Zamasu and Trunks needing to go back in his time.

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