iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple Testing More Than Ten iPhone Prototypes With One Having Curved Screen

By Edge Ison , Nov 29, 2016 02:31 AM EST

The tenth anniversary of the iPhone is fast approaching and Apple is making sure it will release a new smartphone deserving to be its new flagship phone.

The rumored iPhone 8 is basically be a rumor no more after news came about that the company is currently testing at least ten prototypes. Surely, one of those will become the new iPhone.

One of the prototypes is rumored to have an organic light-emitting diode or OLED display that is curved. Yes, Apple is going the Samsung route and will introduce a phone with a curved screen. Interestingly, one of Samsung's curved phones was the doomed Galaxy Note 7.

Apple's iPhone 7 has also received some flak upon its release. Many find it too similar to the iPhone 6s with only a few variations or updates. The iPhone has not had any major redesign in years. As mentioned, the iPhone 7 and 6s looks the same. The one before the iPhone 6 was also physically similar. The only thing that changes is the features. This time around, however, Apple is intent in changing the iPhone's look with the aforementioned curved display plus the rumored Touch ID fingerprint scanner which will result to the ditching of the iconic home button.

Another major issue with the iPhone 7 is the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack. But despite the harsh criticisms, Apple continued to sell and is in fact, one of the top smartphone sellers in the world.

With the rumors and possible leaks right now, one can assume that the iPhone 8 will definitely be better than its predecessors.

One previous rumor indicated that the 2017 iPhone will have an all-glass body which will allow wireless charging. Another buzz is that the iPhone 8 will feature a 3D lens camera. Just by reading these potential new features, one will get the idea that Apple is indeed preparing for the next big one. Which is, of course, quite apt considering it has been ten years since Apple changed the smartphone scene in 2006.

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