iPhone 8 Rumors: New Apple Flagship Will Have Two New Major Features

Rumors continue to swirl regarding Apple's next flagship smartphone. This time, a couple of possible new features have been leaked.

First off, the iPhone 8 will have a glass body.

Most iPhones prior to the iPhone 8 have sported metal, aluminium or plastic housings. The iPhone 4 used an aluminosilicate glass front and back but received criticisms after incidents of the glass breaking surfaced.

This time, however, Apple shifts to an all-glass casing due in part to necessity. The metal casing of previous iPhones hinders wireless charging which is already utilized by some Android devices. The metal alloys were discovered to have a negative effect on the process as it hinders the charging speed. With that in mind, and rumors that Jony Ive have always wanted an iPhone that "looks like a single sheet of glass", Apple will likely utilize an all-glass housing for its next flagship phone.

The other major leak, as hinted above, is that the 2017 iPhone will feature wireless charging.

While the concept of wireless charging is not new, Apple seems determined to change the meaning of the phrase. With the help of Energous, the company working on a technology that allows a device to charge even if it is far from the base station, Apple will possibly integrate this exciting new feature on at least one of the smartphones it will be launching next year. Bets are on the iPhone 8 being the first smartphone to be capable of constantly charging while not in use.

Other leaked details of the iPhone 8 include the use of an edge-to-edge OLED display. This means the iconic home button will now be a thing of the past. In its place will be an integrated home button within the screen.

A few months ago, Apple received a patent for its Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This is one of the major clues that Apple was getting rid of the home button.

Three iPhones are rumored to be launched in 2017 with the iPhone 7's release estimated to be on September.

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