Family Guy Updates And Airdates Revealed, MacFarlane Has A Proposal To Donald Trump

By Dez Bryant , Nov 30, 2016 04:26 AM EST

Finally, after months of waiting, the creator of the show "Family Guy" Seth MacFarlane already dropped the news about the show's airdate.

Reason Why The Show Is Very Successful

The TV animation series "Family Guy" started way back 1999 and throughout the years, they were able to sustain their fan base. The show started slow like everybody else until they reached stardom by their 3rd season. At that time, there were rumours about MacFarlane quitting in the series, but he was convinced not to by his peers. The series is often compared to the longest TV animation series in the history, The Simpsons.

Awards And Recognitions

As mentioned, Family Guy started as nobody and right now they are considered as one of the toughest competition with regards to the battle of the ratings in TV animation. The series has more than, count on one hand awards and they are still going strong. The show is very popular due to its involvement in political issues and brutally honest segments. Right now, they are in the perfect position to rule TV animation if Rick and Morty won't release its new episode.

Family Guy Season 15 will be the best as stated by Seth MacFarlane. The last season already proved that they are a forced to be reckoned with and they have no plans in slowing down. We will again see the funny and stupid side of Peter Griffin and the gang. Also, one producer teased us with regards to Stewie Griffin finally concurring the world. I'm not quite sure about it as the news site didn't provide the name of the producer but we just have to wait for it. Season 15 should be aired by early next year.

Seth MacFarlane's Proposal To Donald Trump

Seth MacFarlane and his way to approach the business is different, to say the least. He is fearless and wants to keep pushing the envelope. Yesterday, he made a proposal to Donald Trump.  "If Trump takes science seriously in a legislative way during his Presidency, Family Guy will show Peter with his d--- out on TV," MacFarlane stated on his Twitter account. "I promise."

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