Rick And Morty Season 3 Update: References And Philosophy

The Philosophy of Rick and Morty – Wisecrack Edition
The Philosophy of Rick and Morty – Wisecrack Edition Photo : Wisecrack / YouTube

Rick and Morty doesn't need any introduction as this TV Animation is a certified hit. Season 3 might not have been aired yet but we have a lot of scoops from the show that fans will have to look forward to.

Rumored Cancellation Of The Show And Issues With The Producers

Amidst the success of Rick And Morty, there were a lot of speculations revolving the show. It was initially reported that the show might be cancelled due to variety of reasons. First reason was, they find Rick And Morty very offensive and not suitable for young audiences. Well, while that is true; however, it should not be the reason why the show should be cancelled. Parents should be responsible enough not to let their kids watch the show if they find it disturbing. As per numbers, 94 percent of viewers of Rick And Morty are above 13 and all feedbacks are positive.

Secondly, there was a buzz about producers having difficulty working with other staff. While the first reason is legit due to there was a petition filed, the second reason seems vague. In any show or TV series there will be differences and that is normal. Creative differences is the major reason why some TV shows are cancelled but not Rick and Morty. The show is just starting and haven't reached their peak yet.

It was initially reported that Season 3 should be released this year, but it is almost December and we haven't heard any from the producers. Having said that, the show might likely be aired early next year. Don't worry Rick and Morty fans, the show is not going to be cancelled as one of the producers already confirmed that half of the episodes are already in the works. And, it would be a stupid move from them if they will cancel the show since it is the hottest TV Animation right now. No offense to The Simpsons, South Park and Steven Universe.

Rick And Morty's Preferences And Philosophy

Rick and Morty is not the first TV Animation series that shows some references and parodies towards a certain event. However, the way they show and portray scenes is a lot different and unusual compared to other TV Animation series. Every episode from Season 1 and 3 is filled with tons of references. That includes, Ghostbusters, Alien vs Predators, Purge, Inspector Gadget and Footloose. Season 3 will be more controversial as one of the respected sites reported. There are discussions about the recent election that will be added in one of the episodes, and an angle where Harambe was fatally shot.

Hailed as the smartest TV Animation right now by Wisecrack. Rick and Morty is a show you don't want to miss. Their philosophy is simple but somehow complicated. The story revolves around "Cosmic Horror" which was pioneered by HP Lovecraft. A genre like no other but it is used by a lot of producers. This genre emphasizes the terror and horror outside the world we know. Rick And Morty shows it in their journey about some issues that we should discuss among ourselves if those are really possible in the outside world.

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