Overwatch PTR Update: Oasis Map Features Cars That Kills Players

By Nick Halden , Nov 30, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Overwatch PTR players on the Oasis map are finding out that they can also get killed by a speeding car. Killer traffic is the latest addition in Overwatch matches.

Overwatch Players Killed in Traffic Accidents

The Oasis Map in Public Test Realm or PTR is featuring a realistic urban setting for Overwatch matches. The roads are filled with cars while airplanes can be seen in the skies.

Some Overwatch players found out that the cars can actually kill them if they are not careful in crossing the roads. These PTR feature however, is only available to Windows PC users. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can try it out this coming December. A video clip of an Overwatch getting hit and killed by a car can be seen here. Players are advice to look both ways before crossing the street to avoid accidents. However, that does not stop players from experimenting with it. It seems most heroes die after getting hit by a car although there is no word yet if Reaper can survive it in his wraith form.

Buffed Up Symmetra Available in PTR

Meanwhile, a buffed up Symmetra is also available in the PTR. Her new upgrade includes a second ultimate ability called the Photon Barrier. This ability shares a lot in common with Zarya's barrier shield where Symmetra's team mates can protect themselves. The Indian heroine can also set up six sentry turrets almost immediately since there is no longer any cooldown delay. The new Symmetra is expected to convinced more players to use her once the character is available in the live matches.

Overwatch has Upcoming Christmas Event

Overwatch data miners also managed to dig up a new Christmas jingle hidden in the game's code. The holiday song is less than a minute long but news of its discovery clearly hints that Overwatch will host a Christmas event real soon. Players expect new skins and accessories for the upcoming holiday. Several new hero voices, mostly of Sombra have also been discovered.

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