Why The 'MacBook Pro' Isn't Really A Pro Laptop?

By Staff writer , Nov 30, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Aside from its extremely high price, there are also other potential reasons to avoid buying the brand new MacBook Pro right now. One would be that Apple's newest laptop could have some serious GPU issues that Apple is yet to explain and fix. According to several reports, the latest MacBook Pro 2016 has the potential to experience some unexpected problems, like flickering, glitching, and tearing in certain apps. Multiple online threads have documented these incidents.

Problems cause by hardware issue

At this time, it's still pretty unclear about what causes these incidents, but YouTube user Jan Becker, who was able to document one such GPU failure on the Premiere Pro, said that an Apple Store employee told him that it's probably a hardware issue.

Glitch on the MBP 2016

But the newest MacBook still has this noticeable GPU glitch "I just created a NEW project on this MacBook Pro, and when rendering it didn't crash," Becker said. "The other project that made the laptop crash was created on an old MacPro with a NVIDIA graphics card. But nevertheless, I still experience some weird graphics glitch whenever I restart it."

GPU Glitches have been rampant

Looking at some feedback from its readers, the website 9to5Mac has concluded that its unofficial survey shows that a huge number of 2016 MacBook Pro users have experienced GPU glitches. It's still unclear at this time why the newest addition of the MacBook, the MacBook Pro, is having these GPU issues, or whether it is a software - or hardware-related - problem, but either way, this issue is certainly something that Apple has to fix pronto.

Apple needs to act now

Aside from these glitches, the MacBook Pro is also being complained about some other problems that relate to it. Things are yet to be clear what these other problems are, but Apple needs to address these issues with their latest Mac before things get out of hand.

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