Black Apple MacBook Pro 2016: A Possibility

By Staff writer , Oct 21, 2016 04:49 AM EDT

We may finally be getting some freshly new MacBooks next week. But they are late as ever. As calculated, it has been 520 days since Apple launched the last MacBook Pro, 591 days since the last MacBook Air, and the MacBook Mini hasn't had an upgraded model for over two years already. It's about time they made some updates on the Mac lineups, though it does prove to be a bit delayed. You could argue about any reasons why Apple made late updates regarding their laptops, but how about we think of something more positive, like:

The Macs were late because Apple took its time to perfect its amazing black aluminum body.

Remember the beautiful black MacBooks that were sold from 2006-2008? It was considered by many to be the most awesome-looking Macs ever. It gave a whole new look to the traditional MacBooks that really made a lot of people fall in love with it. And it was also great that the black MacBooks were the very first models to come with the impressive MagSafe magnetic charging cable that kept the phones safe and secure as it recharges. But let's be honest; that Mac way back was made out of plastic, it wasn't anywhere thin and light like the recent models, and it surely wasn't the only black model that everyone was hooked on.

Delving on the Black Apple and what it can bring to the table of today's era

Although the black Macs were a thing before, let's not forget that there was also a very attractive laptop that also coexisted: The Dell XPS M1330, which was arguably the better and more cost-effective laptop variant compared to the black Mac. But with that said, and with the current delay of the MacBooks of today, we just can't help but speculate that Apple would be considering to bring back those sexy black aluminum covers for their all-new and improved Macs of this year. It might be a gamble, since black may not be the thing of today's trend, but it's certainly a gamble that Apple is likely going to risk.

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