Why Apple's New 'MacBook Pro' Is Short Of Success?

If there's one recurring theme that has been through all the reviews for Apple's latest MacBook Pro laptop, it's that Apple has made a bad move. Whether it's the standardized ports of USB-C, the lack of a MagSafe power connector, or the relatively weak and pointless specifications, everyone is pretty certain that there is, indeed, something wrong with the MacBook. With that being said, here are some of the first reviews for the MacBook Pro.

Apple is putting up features that don't even make sense

Apple has passed-out review units for the lower-end 12-inch MacBook Pro with the featured function keys and two USB-C ports, and with the Touch Bar review arriving sooner than later. What stands out in all of these reviews? There is a lot of questioning regarding Apple's decision-making, but there is still a very solid computer in the Pro's chassis, even if it is not the Mac that everyone was expecting or even hoping for.

What does 'Pro' in MacBook even mean?

Understanding the MacBook Pro also comprises of understanding what market or field this laptop is focused on. Though it might have a pro label designated on it, but what specific laptop is it a 'pro' version of? A lot of analysts argue that this is the upgrade of not the previous MacBook Pros, but an upgrade for the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Pro isn't that appealing to people

Specs-wise, the MacBook Pro is currently in the middle of the pack thanks to its incorporation of the older SkyLake processor. Along with that, many have pointed out towards the Pro's lack of a 32 GB RAM variant. The decision for not making this incorporation is partly down to the rest of the structure for the MacBook Pro, as well as some timely trade-offs that were made by Apple to compensate over battery life and against the kind of user who really needs that much memory.

The MacBook Pro is all messed up

Right now, Apple is still continuing its crusade of pushing a whole new vision for connectivity. In their case, it meant ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. For the MacBook Pro, on the other hand, the headphone jack will be staying, but everything else, which includes the power port, will now be going through USB-C. With all that being said, there are a lot of components and features that are incorporated on the MacBook Pro that is making it a not-so-desirable product to purchase, thus leaving it short of success.

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