Final Fantasy XV Guide To Royal Arms Locations And Stats

By Ronald Cress , Nov 30, 2016 07:41 AM EST

Royal Arms are weapons hidden away in Royal Tombs where past Kings lie. Only Noctis can use them due to his heritage. These weapons are very powerful as they bash right into the enemies' resistances, boosts stats passively and plays into the special Armiger Arsenal ability of Noctis. There are 13 of them scattered around Eos and here's a guide to locating each and every one of them

Sword Of The Wise

This is the first Royal Arms you'll get in Final Fantasy XV. It is inside Tomb of the Wise just north of Leide. It is part of the main story in Chapter 2, specifically during the "Legacy" quest, so you couldn't miss it. Talk to Cor Leonis and he will award you the Sword of the Wise. It has 194 Attack Power and increases HP by 100. It also increases Vitality, Magic and Spirit by 30.

Axe Of The Conqueror

After talking to Cor and getting Sword of the Wise, interact with him again and he will lead you to Keycatrich Trench during the "Power of Kings" quest. You will find the Tomb of the Conqueror at the end of the dungeon. The Axe of the Conqueror has a whopping 483 Attack Power and adds 60 to Strength and 80 to Vitality.

Swords Of The Wanderer

During Final Fantasy XV Chapter 3 in "The Sword in the Waterfall" quest, you'll get a chance to visit the Tomb of the Wanderer. Go to Greyshire Glacial Grotto to find the Swords of the Wanderer, which awards 153 Attack Power and adds 50 to both Vitality and Spirit.

Blade Of The Mystic

You can get this cool Royal Arms during "The Archaean" main quest in Final Fantasy XV Chapter 4. You will find the Tomb of the Mystic after fighting with the Archaen Titan. Blade of the Mystic has 396 Attack Power and increases HP and Vitality by 150 and 30 respectively. It also boosts Dark Resistance by 20 percent.

Katana Of The Warrior

Fast forward to Chapter 10, you will encounter the Final Fantasy XV quest "Hand of the King," where you will have to defeat the level 38 Marlboro. The Katana of the Warrior possesses 361 Attack Power and adds 100 to Spirit. It also increases Fire, Ice and Lightning Resistance by 25 percent, but it slashes off Dark Resistance by 50 percent.

Trident Of The Oracle

In Chapter 12 during the "Breath of the Glacian" quest in Final Fantasy XV, you will be tasked to defeat the Deathclaw. Trident of the Oracle will then be awarded to you with 388 Attack Power and a 60 increase in MP.

Sword Of The Father

In Final Fantasy XV "A King's Struggle" quest during Chapter 13, it will be automatically awarded as you get nearer to the end of the main quest in Zegnautus Keep. Sword of the Father has 144 Attack Power and grants plus 100 to both Strength and Magic.

Bow Of The Clever

Find the Tomb of the Clever in the Balouve Mines in Leide - between Saulhend Pass and The Callenegh Steps. Be wary of the level 52 Aramusha. It sports 203 Attack Power with an 80 increase in Magic. It also increases Shot Resistance by 50 percent.

Greatsword Of The Tall

You would have normally found it in the Tomb of the Tall during the "Of Gods and Kings" quest, if only you were there first. It has already been looted, so you will need to go instead to the Costlemark Tower Dungeon between Kettier Highland and The Fallgrove. Go there at night and defeat the Jabberwock to get the Greatsword of the Tall. It has great Attack Power at 518 plus it boosts HP by 200. However, it decreases Spirit by 20. It also slashes off 40 percent from Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark Resistances.

Shield Of The Just

Locate the Tomb of the Just just west of The Disc in Thommel's Glade. You will easily find the Shield of the Just with 251 Attack Power. It grants a whopping 500 points to HP, 50 to MP, 100 to Vitality and 30 to Spirit. There's also a 10 percent increase in Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark and Shot Resistance. The shield, however, decreases Strength by 100.

Scepter Of The Pious

It is resting in the Tomb of the Pious inside Malmalam Thicket Dungeon, which is west of Maidenwater. Be careful of the Final Fantasy XV monster Bandersnatch guarding it. Scepter of the Pious has 237 Attack Power. It also increases Magic by 150 and Dark Resistance by 50 percent.

Mace Of The Fierce

At the summit of The Rock of Ravatogh Dungeon, which you'll find west of Ravatoghan Trail, is the Tomb of the Fierce. The Mace of the Fierce has 334 Attack Power and grants 300 HP. However, your Shot Resistance will be reduced to 50 percent.

Star Of The Rogue

At the Myrlwood Dungeon at the southwest of Vesperpool, you will find Tomb of the Rogue. Inside is the Star of the Rouge with an Attack Power of 177. The Fire, Ice and Lightning Resistance are all increased by 20 percent.

While this may seem like the weapons of your Final Fantasy XV dreams, note your HP decreases as you use them. When in the hands of a good strategist, though, they are unstoppable. Collecting all 13 of them unlocks the trophy "Faithful Heir." Meanwhile, check out our beginner's and fishing guide.

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