Final Fantasy XV Fishing Guide: Learn The Basics And Some Tips Here

Final Fantasy XV Fishing Guide: Learn The Basics And Some Tips Here
Final Fantasy XV introduces the mini-game fishing for Noctis. Find out the basics of fishing and equipment plus some tips here. Photo : GameSpot/YouTube

Each of the main characters in Final Fantasy XV has a "skill." Ignis' is fishing, Prompto's hobby is taking photos while Gladiolus picks up items as loot from battles. Noctis, our Royal Heir, likes fishing. The activity is a great mini-game that takes you away from stressful battles. It also gets Ignis ingredients to cook up a great meal, which can provide buffs for the whole team. Learn all you need to know about fishing here.

Final Fantasy XV Fishing 101: How To Fish

First things first, let's talk about how to fish in Final Fantasy XV. Luckily, Noctis already has some of the necessary equipment. To start, go to a fishing spot and cast your line. You can aim using the left analog stick (L) as well as pull the line in any direction. To cast, press X for PlayStation 4 and A for Xbox One.

The fish in Final Fantasy XV are marked either as yellow dots or blue dots. Yellow means you can give it to Ignis for him to cook, while the blue ones carry treasures. Once you've casted your line, press R2 or right trigger to reel it in while twitching the line using L to get attention. A fish spots the lure the same way an enemy spots you in the field. A red bar should appear.

The goal is to build on this red bar, which corresponds to the fish's interest. The fish will bite when it reaches maximum. Once the fish bites, reel it in the direction the on-screen instructions tell you to. Make sure to pay attention, as not following it will cause the fish to swim away.

You also need to pay attention to the line as the fish struggling will cause tension, which might cause it to break. Fish can also attack. When it jumps in the air, the line takes damage, so make sure you follow the direction that is suggested in the instructions.

The fish will be caught when its stamina, which you can see at the top of the screen. When it reaches zero, then congratulations: you've caught the fish.

Final Fantasy XV Fishing 101: Fishing Gears

Fishing requires four equipment: the rod, reel, line and lure. Noctis already has a rod and reel at the start of Final Fantasy XV. You can buy the line and lure at a fishing equipment shop, which can usually be found near a fishing location. Better equipment yield better results and different lures allow you to target different fishes.

Reels play an important part in catching a fish. A higher quality reel lowers the fish's stamina much faster. Complete the Totomostro mini-game to get the best reel there is in Final Fantasy XV - the Llymalaen.

If reels are for "attacking," rods give you defense. The stronger it is, the more tension damage it can cancel out. As for lines, a Spider Silk comes pretty handy for any fish you want to catch. But get Super Baleen as early as you can. It is effective against the more stubborn fish in Final Fantasy XV.

You use different lures depending on the location and the fish you want to catch. There's a specific lure for every type, too. For example, Popper Lures are for those near the surface, Minnow Lures for clear waters and Pencil Lures for during dawn or dusk.

Baits have weight, too. The heavier it is, the deeper it can go and the bigger fish it can lure. They even have colors that attract fishes of the same color. There are signs in the fishing spot that show what fish can be found there, but sometimes, they are nowhere to be found or incomplete.

Redditor Organyx advised Final Fantasy XV players to just throw in lures to see which interests the fish there. If you have the correct lure, you will see pulsing circles on the mini map. If you do find a sign, however, and you don't have the right lure, you can use a bait that targets its cousins. Example - a bass lure can interest any type of bass fish, but it will be less effective.

Final Fantasy XV Fishing 101: Other Fishing Tips

You can use a Chocobo to reach other fishing spots. Use it in the Vesperpool or elsewhere. Also, you can listen to music in-game while trying to catch your dinner. Simply buy the MP3 player from the Regalia shop menu.

To make the fish in a fishing spot respawn, get out and re-enter it. But sometimes, this will not work. You will have to rest at a haven first then go back to the fishing spot. Fish can also naturally respawn as there are some that only spawn at a specific time of the day.

So, that's about everything you need to know about fishing in Final Fantasy XV - for now. Stay tuned for more guides and updates about Square Enix's latest offering from the long-standing franchise. Meanwhile, check out our tips on how to get started.

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