'Passengers' New Trailer Makes Sci-Fi Fans Furious; Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt Occupied With Naughty Deeds Aboard The Avalon

"Passengers," the new sci-film from Sony Pictures, has just released a new trailer. The film attracted a large following as it is an original screenplay of Jon Spaihts, one of the writers of "Doctor Strange." However, the latest trailer for the movie shows the lovey-dovey scenes between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence which made many viewers confused and disappointed.

"Passengers" Latest Trailer

With Lawrence and Pratt playing the roles of the movie's main characters, Aurora and Jim, the expectations are quite high for Sony's upcoming film. The newest trailer for "Passengers" became the subject of ridicule because all the scenes featured the sweet moments between the two main characters. While it would be easy to deduce that they will like each other's company since they are, literally, the only ones awake, the trailer seems to imply that the movie is a romantic comedy.

There are different reactions to the trailer; some reviewers blame Imagine Dragons' song while others think that Sony does not know the best approach to marketing the film. Among the trailers released for "Passengers", the newest preview elicited the most number of negative responses because the science fiction element is almost nil.

Why "Passengers" Is Still Worth Watching

Despite the way Sony attempted to increase the hype for "Passengers," the movie remains to be one of the best films scheduled for release this December. The film is set in a spaceship, Starship Avalon, that acts as a transport pod for 5,259 passengers who are on their way to another planet. The journey's duration is 120 years but Jim and Aurora's pods opened after 30 years due to a malfunction.

Since they have no option but to stay awake, their only choice is to entertain each other. The two try every form of entertainment possible aboard the ship and they will end up doing everything from cute lovey-dovey activities to naughtier deeds. While they are enjoying each other's company, something goes wrong with the spaceship. They need to do something to keep themselves and the other passengers alive.

Despite Sony's confusion on how to market its latest sci-fi movie, it would be interesting to see what will happen in the film. "Passengers" is scheduled for release on Dec. 21 and while waiting for Spaihts' screenplay, watch the controversial trailer below.

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