Final Fantasy XV: Unleash Maximum Power Through Mastering The Game's Combat System

By Rosie Best , Nov 30, 2016 11:54 AM EST

In Final Fantasy XV, combat is a very important piece to the whole puzzle. When you start playing the game, you will notice massive changes from its gameplay to its combat modes. These changes are ultimately essential to mastering the open world experience in Square Enix's latest JRPG. Here is a comprehensive combat guide to unleash the maximum power.

Final Fantasy XV's New Combat System

The combat system in the recent franchise of Final Fantasy has been completely revamped. And as you can see in the video below, it all looks terribly messy. It may be some sort of random button smashing to some, but it isn't. The new mechanics of Final Fantasy XV make the game more interesting.  

In order to master your combat skills, it is highly important to know how to tweak the combat system. First, you must choose and deal out your combos carefully by pressing the square button on PS4 or the X button on Xbox One. Secondly, with the switch to real time combat, your position becomes more dangerous. If you are behind an enemy, you will be able to deal a whole lot more damage than if you are in front. It is important to note that being grouped together with your teammates improves your chances in combat. Lastly, parrying and dodging will use up your MP points so it is important to strategize about what moves you will use in the game.

Using Tech Attacks In Final Fantasy XV

One great addition to the Final Fantasy XV allows Noctis to join up with his comrades in battle and combine forces by generating a flurry of pretty awesome combos. These attacks can only be initiated when your green tech bar is full. Such attacks are the perfect way to finish off an enemy or save yourself from a sticky situation.

To use them, make sure the green tech gauge is full. Once it is, you can use the tech attacks using L1 and then unleash the fury by selecting your pretend attack. You can only use them if your party members are alive and well. Depending on the members available, you will have a certain number and type of attacks to choose from. After the main tech attack is used, you will need to follow this with a massive blow. The tech attack is a unique element in the game that allows you to activate one of your teammate's powers in battle while playing Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Combos Depend On The Weapons Equipped

Combos depend on the weapon a player is currently using. In Final Fantasy XV, every weapon has a different set of combos attached to it. Noctis can carry up to five weapons at any one time. Make sure to upgrade your weapons to acquire better combos. The new combination of combos and weapons has been quipped as the "multi-blade "fighting style. It gives gamers more options when it comes to the combinations they ought to choose. Do not worry if you run out of interesting combos, it works out so that you can use a certain weapon for the first hits and then a second weapon for the final blow.

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