Pokemon GO Gen 2 Coming As Thanksgiving Event Nears Its End

By Mhico V. , Nov 30, 2016 12:04 PM EST

With Pokemon GO's Thanksgiving Event about to end soon, fans are now expecting a big thing to come next, which is the Gen 2 Update. Niantic has been updating the game quite well lately, adding a lot of good features that fans really love. It is no question that the addition of Ditto in Pokemon GO has made a lot of fans play the game again. Rumors today say that Gen 2 will come anytime soon, probably this Christmas.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Gen 2 Update In Pokemon GO?

After numbers of successful updates, Niantic might be planning to hit the stage yet again, as it seems that Gen 2 Update is next on the list. Pokemon GO seemed to be not going anywhere due to the popular events that Niantic launched in the game. Recent rumors suggest that Gen 2 Update is up next in the game. Adding Gen 2 while the hype is still on will be a perfect opportunity for Niantic, especially that holidays are near. Fans are now expecting Gen 2 Update to come this December. There are even talks of it arriving as early as the first week, but that remains unconfirmed for now.

The Addition Of Ditto In Pokemon GO Might Be The Clue That Gen 2 Pokemon Is Coming Very Soon

Fans are very excited after knowing that Ditto has finally arrived in the game. Ditto's entry to the game was very satisfying for everyone, as random Pokemon can transform into Ditto when caught. Rumors says that after numbers of Pokemon being added to the game, it is safe to say that Niantic now has the mechanics on how to add multiple numbers Pokemon in the game, which could lead to the Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update.

Pokemon GO is available to play on Android and iOS.

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