Gears Of War 4 News: Ranked Multiplayer System Disappoints Players

By Mhico V. , Nov 30, 2016 12:13 PM EST

Gears of War 4's ranked multiplayer mode were once very spectacular. But as the online ranked matches went on, players noticed that there are too many problems. This includes unbalanced matchmaking, as well as unfair system rules in the game. Players today are getting disappointed due to the problems they are facing now in the ranked multiplayer. With these problems still present as of today, fans can only hope that there will be a patch soon, which will most probably fix these problems.

Players Are Disappointed In The Gears of War 4's Ranked Multiplayer System

According to some long-time players in Gears of War 4's Ranked Matches, they noticed that the game system is a bit unbalanced. For example, when a player disconnects from a ranked match, they will have no penalty. Players that got disconnected also do not have a chance to reconnect. This leaves the teammates to fight in 4v5 or worse. Considering that it takes a long time to finish a ranked match, an unequal number of members will cause the game to lean on the other side. Quitters in the ranked matches do not have any penalties, which is making some abuse the quit option.

Many Fans Are Expecting A Patch For The Ranked Multiplayer System In Gears of War 4

A fix update is probably needed in Gears of War 4's Ranked Matches. The Coalition was known to update the game frequently, but it does not focus a bit on Ranked Multiplayer System. This causes the players to just abuse quitting without getting any penalty. There is also the issue of frequent server problem that causes players to lose their connection while in the middle or entering a match. While there is no announcement about a fix on Ranked Matches, fans can only hope that The Coalition will notice the problem soon.

Gears of War 4 is available to play on Xbox One and PC.

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