Nina Dobrev Saves ‘Marco Polo’ Season 3 From Cancellation? HBO To Acquire The Expensive Franchise?

By Jen Aguilar , Dec 03, 2016 02:38 AM EST

Netflix’s “Marco Polo” and its anticipated third season is but a mystery that remains unsolved to this date. Neither the network nor the showrunners have released a statement that confirms the show’s latest installment. Their silence created a loud noise, particularly in the media and the fans. Various cancellation rumors chase the series and the blame was pointed to its costly production and Benedict Wong’s alleged unexpected exit.

Is ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Alum Nina Dobrev Casted In ‘Marco Polo’ Season 3?
To save the soap from being “killed,” one famous actress is reportedly casted. Nina Dobrev is rumored to join the show. It is not unknown to the public that her return in the vampire franchise is still uncertain. Should Nina’s casting in “Marco Polo” come to fruition, her followers would be glad on her new endeavor. It’s gonna be a sure hit with her charm and skills in acting.

HBO Eyeing To Buy ‘Marco Polo’ Despite Its Expensive Cost?

Rumors have it that “Marco Polo” is one of the most pricey programs of the giant streaming company, Netflix. With rife cancellation reports, it cannot be avoided that the soap will be speculated to be acquired by other companies. Recently, HBO joined the rumor mill to have an interest in Benedict Wong and its crucial role as Kublai Khan. Does this mean that HBO will acquire the franchise despite its high-priced rate?

Will The 3rd Installment Of The Historical Drama Come To Fruition?
Olivia Cheng (Mei Lin) Olivia Cheng has been generous in revealing the real status of the series on Twitter. She told the viewers that even her is not updated as to when will they commence the production of the forthcoming season.

Who Will Replace Benedict Wong’s Kublai Khan?
The main star of “Marco Polo,” Benedict Wong is presumed to leave his tv role behind in the pursuit of his bigger dreams in the film industry. His busy schedule was also blamed for being one of the reasons as to why the drama's production is delayed. The British actor’s impressive performance in "Doctor Strange" sparked speculations that he will be departing the program and the script will kill his character.

Given that Khan’s character will not be visible anymore on the small screens, other characters were nominated to replace the lead role. Leonard Wu’s Orus, Kaidu's son who desires he'll be named heir over his sister, Khutulunin is reported to replace the slot of Khan. His name was included in series creator John Fusco’s tweet that teases Wu's important part in the upcoming season.

Another character included in the list is Joan Chen's Empress Chabi due to her strong influence in Khan’s journey. Tom Wu, who played the interesting role of Hundred Eyes, is reported to take the spotlight. The blind monk who impressively trained Marco Polo was critically acclaimed with a 30-minute special episode last year that featured his origins.

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