‘Marco Polo’ Season 3 In The Works? New Script To Kill Kublai Khan?

John Fusco’s “Marco Polo” has been facing numerous cancellation rumors recently as the series has not confirmed a season 3 renewal to date. Despite the uncertain fate of the historical drama, its supporters are not giving up their high hopes that a new chapter will be unveiled soon.

Is The Showrunner Currently Busy Finishing “Marco Polo” Season 3’s Script?

Despite Netflix’s keeping mum on the forthcoming season of the popular series, creator, and writer John Fusco seems to keep dropping hints on a possible third installment of the show. His recent Twitter post sparked speculations that he is penning the storyline of the new season. While the photo of his dog is not that interesting, the hashtag #amwriting and his tagging of Leonard Wu made his tweet controversial.

To recall, Wu played the role of Orus in "Marco Polo" whose death was shown in the past season. Is Fusco hinting that Wu will reprise his role and that a new script is currently in the works?

Indeed, the writer serves as the very source of hope of the show’s followers. His posts inspire them to stay positive for a new season.

Will Kublai Khan Finally Die In The Upcoming Season?

Should a third season come to fruition, Benedict Wong’s role of Kublai Khan might not make it big as he is theorized to be killed in the forthcoming season. Wong is said to be busy with big projects like “Dr. Strange” and “Avengers-Infinity War” that his commitment to the show is least expected.

Wong’s absence in the expensive soap will be replaced with Tom Wu’s Hundred Eyes’ role according to an article. The blind monk who trained Marco Polo gained positive reviews last year that featured his roots, hence, being highlighted in the upcoming season is likely possible.

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