CS:GO News: A Huge Ban Wave Coming?

Hacks are virtually common in most FPS titles and CS:GO is of no exception. What's more, it's becoming more and more prominent as time passes by that it would appear that the VAC system of Valve is no longer working. Today, an anonymous player has taken the matters into his own hands to create a potential gigantic Ban wave this year.

CS:GO Hacks

Hacking in CS:GO is not of rare occurrence as the game was plagued with hackers and scripters ever since its release. A lot of players are frustrated by the anti-cheat system of the game and how it somehow oversees some of the obvious ones - even those user that are being reported from the match. Today, a Reddit user has taken the matters into his own hands by sending the hacks directly to Valve.

According to the user's, he managed to sneaked into an exclusive forum that contains downloadable links for the hacks which entailed a premium fee of $15 per month of access and usage. According to him, all of the hacks that were sent were the prominent ones which are all VAC-proof. In short, these hacks cannot be traced by the system and as such, the users are hardly banned for doing so.

CS:GO Cheaters

CS:GO arguably is one, if not the most prominent FPS titles that have an astounding amount of hackers in game. If one would check the subreddit of the game or even on the community discussion of their official site, you'd never miss a single page without a thread containing an alleged hack, exploit, etc. The problem is rife on the game that it's becoming a norm from the community. Although Valve is putting down the ban hammer from time-to-time, the company has yet to make a momentous change that would eradicate the issue once and for all.

If one is to gauge on how much of a norm does hacking in CS:GO is, you'd be surprised that the majority of the community would say "why play seriously when you can enjoy the game with hacks." And for this we ask, is it the existing of the hacks or the person who cheats that makes the game toxic? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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