CS GO Update: Version Map Revision, New Console Variable and More!

Details regarding the upcoming patch for CS:GO has been revealed in a blog post on their official page. Players are definitely going to be engrossed by the upcoming map revamp and lots of updates and changes on its game mechanics.

We've compiled the changes and fixes of the key elements of the game following the latest update of CS:GO Version Here are the major game changes:

CS: GO Revamp and Fixes of the Newest Map: Inferno

The first CS: GO update of the version was the which was seen to introduced the newest map called de_inferno which is currently still in the Beta depot. Like any other new map updates, de_inferno is plagued with glitches and bugs which, the developers of the game were quick to hotfix upon the release of the newest update:

The major fixes in the CS: GO map are as follows:

CS: GO patch opened up skybox between alt-mid and A site, added back position on side of double-stack box in A site, fixed barrels in A site not rendering if you were inside Library, smoothed out movement on/near the rock wall in CT spawn, removed one-way wallbang through door in mid, near underpass entrance, fixed being able to drop weapons/C4 into rooms outside of play area, fixed some radar naming bugs, fixed items falling through bottom of fountain, fixed bug introduced in rc1 where quickly uncrouching and recrouching in odd positions could cause players to get stuck in the terrain.CS:

CS: GO Gameplay Mechanics

CS: GO update added a 0.4 second cooldown to the crouch button to reduce the visual noise from spamming crouch in the air (this can be tuned using sv_timebetweenducks), fixed a case where a player's crouch state did not match the state of the +duck key (the most noticeable case was when taking over a bot that was crouching), reduced viewmodel rotational effect when pointing a weapon at near-vertical angles, sniper scopes are much more responsive to your actual accuracy; the blur is driven by your current inaccuracy (note: there are no gameplay changes to scoped accuracy. the display now more-correctly represents your current inaccuracy.)

CS: GO New Console Variable
New console variable cl_crosshair_sniper_show_normal_inaccuracy (default 0)
*includes standing inaccuracy and spread in your sniper crosshair blur.*

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