Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Free Games For December

By Sarene Mae Butao , Dec 01, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Sony is currently under pressure since Microsoft has already been prepping up for free Xbox Live Games. Not to be outdone, Sony also announced the release of the final set of free PS Plus games for the year. The recent announcement gave a huge impact among its audiences since they have numerous cool games which subscribers can grab.

According to the report from Attack of the Fanboy, some of the free PlayStation Plus games that are in store for this December are Invisible, Inc., for PS4, Stories: Path of Destinies which is for PS4, Hyper Void for PS3, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops for PS3, Color Guardians for PS Vita, and VVVVVV for PS Vita.

It should also be known that there might be limitations as to how many PS4 games will PlayStation Plus subscribers get. Since the PS3 is quite getting older and people are not using them already, having two games for it does not generate the same excitement as before. Xbox is however coping up with this change due to backwards compatibility, but PS4 lacks the same feature. The solution for this is for players to cross-buy the established PS4 version of the game.

Through the abovementioned technique, gamers who use the PS3 can still have their free game and at the same time, PS4 users are still well-taken cared of. It was only last year that Invisible Inc. launched at Steam Early Access and it received impressive reviews of its stealth and turn-based strategy gameplay. Although Stories: The Path of Destinies was a smaller venture, it was still able to make fans happy.

The six games were able to uplift the energy among gamers towards the end of the year. Xbox Live members are to experience famous games Burnout Paradise and Sleeping Dogs for December for those who have Gold rewards.


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