Free VR Upgrades Now Offered for Selected PlayStation 4 Games

For an ultimate gaming experience, virtual reality devices have already been released in the market. This innovation has already gained numerous followers all throughout the world. It is for this reason that Sony has released its own virtual reality hardware for PlayStation 4 games. Sony calls it the PlayStation VR, and it costs around $399. On the contrary, owners of PlayStation 4 are curious whether the existing game titles that they own are compatible with this device.

There is good news for those existing owners of PlayStation 4 video game titles. The VR upgrade was suspected to be purchased as an upgrade, but it was confirmed that it will come as a free download. Games such as Hustle Kings, Super Stardust Ultra and Bound are some of the games included in this free upgrade.  Games like the DriveClub are intended to be developed for VR only.

According to VR Focus, Star Wars: Battlefront has a free-of-charge PlayStation VR add-on. This is also considered so far as the biggest game. The Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration and Final Fantasy XV have VR support which were launched together with their parent videogames. It is expected that PlayStation VR headset will be out on October 13th. Other games such as Viva Ex Vivo, Attractio, Futuridium EP Deluxe, Hyper Void, Nebulous and Volume: Coda also have free VR patches.

Based on the reports from Gaming Bolt, PlayStation VR is equipped with 50 games when it will be launched. The PlayStation 4 VR experience will not be complete without a comfortable headset. Through this, the maximum effects of virtual reality gaming can contribute to the enhanced perspective of the gamer throughout the game. This marks another innovation into the gaming environment of every PlayStation 4 enthusiast.


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