‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6 Episode 10 News, Spoilers: Emma’s Wish Rewrites History, Evil Queen Gets To Regina, Surprises Await Rumbelle

"Once Upon a Time" season 6, episode 10 ended with Belle giving birth prematurely to her son and although it was the Evil Queen's doing, she believes that Gold did it. With the midseason finale coming up on Sunday, Dec. 4, fans are excited about the fate of their beloved characters in Storybrooke. OUAT executive producer Adam Horowitz tweeted a script tease for the show's last episode before the winter break.

"Once Upon A Time" Wish You Were Here

"Once Upon a Time" season 6, episode 10 will be the ultimate game changer and the fates of all the Storybrooke residents will hang in the balance. The Evil Queen is back to her old ways. In an effort to stop her, Emma might have done the unthinkable - change the fate of every Storybrooke resident by wishing that she was not the savior. After granting the wish, Emma disappears from Stroybrooke and reappears in a gown and a basket of flowers.

Meanwhile, Gold and Belle's son is bound to face a huge danger. At the moment, Belle is furious with her husband and she sees him as the devil. The upcoming episode will see the progress in the relationship between the couple. Gold's intentions will become clearer and the two will face a major surprise.

"Once Upon a Time" Season 6 Episode 10 Spoilers

Horowitz shared some snippets from the script for "Once Upon a Time" season 10. One of the most interesting scenes is a conversation between Emma and Regina. Emma warns Regina not to allow the Evil Queen to get to her and Regina merely replies, "Too late."

Another script tease throws Hook, Emma, and the Evil Queen together. As Emma starts to leave, the villain tells her to "say hi to sleeping beauty...or is it sleeping Dad? So hard to keep track of who's awake these days." After the Evil Queen's remarks, Emma snaps and raises her sword while Hook tries to stop her.

These teasers are definitely making more fans excited to know what will happen. "Once Upon a Time" season 6, episode 10 is bound to become even more exciting when it comes back for its midseason finale on Sunday at 8/7c at ABC.

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