'Detective Pikachu' Updates: Rob Letterman To Direct Upcoming Live-Action Pokemon Movie

By Dan Niel , Dec 01, 2016 11:31 AM EST

The first ever Pokemon Hollywood live-action film just landed a director. Rob Letterman is set to direct the upcoming "Detective Pikachu" movie which is based from a Pokemon spin-off game titled "Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo" or simply "Great Detective Pikachu."

Letterman started with animations before moving to live-action films. He wrote and directed "Shark Tale" in 2004 and "Monsters vs. Aliens" in 2009. His other notable works are "Gulliver's Travels" live-action film (2010) and "Goosebumps" (2015). Meanwhile, it was reported previously that Nicole Perlman ("Guardians of the Galaxy") is teaming up with Alex Hirsch ("Gravity Falls") for the scripts.

"Detective Pikachu" live-action adaptation was announced by Legendary Entertainment in early July amid the hype of the worldwide Pokemon Go craze. However, the movie will not follow the common train-and-battle plotlines in most Pokemon stories but will be about a Sherlock-like Pikachu who solves Pokemon-related crimes in the Pokemon universe.

To give a bit of a background for the movie, "Great Detective Pikachu" follows the story of a Pikachu different from the cute and nimble electric-type Pokemon from the original series. This Pikachu, who is intelligent and claims to be a great detective, can talk human language aside from normal "pika, pika." One day, Pikachu meets his very own Dr. Watson in a man named Tim Goodman. Tim can understand what Pikachu says and the two start solving mysterious cases. The said game was released on Feb. 3.

Not much details are known about the movie, but the greatest question is about Pikachu's character. Is this cute yellow Pokemon going to be portrayed as human or is the production going to use a CG for the character? The production is set to start in 2017 but fans are already having wild reactions with the idea of Pokemon getting a live-action adaptation. Meanwhile, the official Japanese trailer for the game integrated a Pikachu CG with live action. Watch the "Great Detective Pikachu" game trailer below:

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