Detective Pikachu Stars In Live-Action Hollywood Movie Following 'Pokemon Go' Success

Okay, you can close your Pokemon Go for a while and charge up that phone so you can read this update. Pikachu is going to hit the big screen soon!

Jumping in to the Pokemon Go success bandwagon is a work-in-progress live-action adaptation of 'Great Detective Pikachu'. Hollywood is already lining up writers to create the said adaptation.

As fans already know, the Pokemon spinoff is a game that allows players to work with Pikachu, who talks like human this time (not just say 'pika pika!'), to solve mysteries. Think of it as Pikachu playing the lead role of Sherlock Holmes and the player gets to play Tim Goodman---more like John Watson. In the game, Tim is able to understand what Pikachu says so their detective journey starts the first time they met. The game was released on Feb. 3 of this year for Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon battles, yes?

Unfortunately for Pokemon battle fans, no. This movie is not about going to be the very best in training and battling one Pokemon against another. The movie will be about Pikachu solving cases along a human companion as mentioned in the first part of this article. You can play the video below to have an idea what the movie will be like:

So, what's in the works? reports that Nicole Perlman, screenwriter for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is teaming up with Alex Hirsch, creator of 'Gravity Falls', to wrap up negotiations so that an English-language Detective Pikachu movie can be worked on - Great Detective Pikachu is in Japanese.

Why not just be a regular Pokemon adaptation?

There isn't any explanation reported yet and it is kind of difficult to understand why the choice is Great Detective Pikachu. Of all the possible Pokemon game franchise, Hollywood chose to adapt the peaceful detective type over the train-and-battle concept. For updates, glue your browsers to

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