Eminem Revealed The Gift Of Redman, Rap God Is On Final Fantasy XV?

By Dez Bryant , Dec 02, 2016 02:40 AM EST

Even the Rap God becomes immortal sometimes, especially when they are totally surprised. Eminem is not a fan of showing off, but there's always an exemption.

Eminem And Redman

If you are an Eminem fans since he started, then you should have known even before that Reginald "Reggie" Noble a.k.a Redman is one of his idols. He considered Redman as top 5 in his musical influences and he was surprised when the native from Newark, New Jersey gave him a gift. Marshall Mathers III was extremely delighted when he saw what his gift is. He wasn't able to contain his happiness, he posted his gift on Instagram.

Apparently, The Rap God did received a special gift from Redman. Considered as a treasure and rare to hip hop fans, Redman gave Eminem an original "Def Squad" jacket. Now, The Rap God doesn't usually post anything on Instagram or any social media account. But he's just human just like us. He posted a picture of him wearing the Def Squad jacket with a caption that reads, "had to show the world what one of my all-time favorites @redmangilla and his people at @richmondhoodco got me for my birthday. Original Def Squad jacket, thank you- so crazy!!!"

Receiving a gift from the rap star icon is another one, collaborating in a song will be a big one. There are a lot of speculations already that The Rap God's album "Success" is star studded but Redman's name wasn't mentioned on it. There are big star names already on the rumored album and I hope that Redman and Eminem will surprise us with their collaboration. Success Album will surely break records as one of the producers say.

Eminem In A Video Game?

There was a news circling the internet yesterday about Eminem and Royce da 5'9 present in Final Fantasy XV game. Both fans of the game and Eminem fans were thrilled when they heard the news. I did check the video on my own and it was a legit trailer from the massive game Final Fantasy XV. Then one respected site mentioned that, there are few more tracks in the game where Eminem and Royce da 5'9 were doing their thing. However, some of the lyrics were censored by the producers.

The Rap God vs The 6 God

The beef between The Rap God and The 6 God is fully documented but it died down immediately. Drake reportedly created a diss song about Eminem which angered the fans. There were no evidences about the song but it was confirmed by one of 6 God's friend. I'm not sure if Drake wants to diss Eminem. Drake is great with what he does but there can only be one Rap God, and that's Eminem. A lot of rappers already said their thoughts about the Detroit local.

The Game said he will never f*** with Eminem because he knows how great he is and his vocabulary is off the hook. "Unless Biggie and Pac came down from heaven and appeared on stage.. I don't know", Redman's statement on who would eventually beat Eminem's accomplishments.

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