Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Reach Level 35 Easily?

Earning enough EXP in Final Fantasy XV will help players level up fast. The best way to farm EXP is to talk to everyone, to get some enough sleep and to do some sidequests. There are several tips in order to get to level 35 faster.

How To Reach Level 35 Easily In Final Fantasy XV?

There are some ways how to level up fast in Final Fantasy XV especially if the players are very eager to reach their desired level. The first way is to eat because it will give them enough energy in battles. Next is going to Hammerhead. They will encounter different creatures there such as Dualhorn and Scorpion King.

After killing all the creatures that have respawned, a Cactuar will appear. But the only catch in this creature is that the player needs to kill every enemy he encounters. Only then the awaited monster will be in sight. If he wants to survive, he needs to summon an Astral.

Casting a spell in Final Fantasy XV will help players gain EXP. The player will have to use booster such as a catalyst in order to add special abilities on the spells he crafts. The booster will help the player to farm more EXP than before.

Also, the player must get any Debased coins he will see. These coins will help him to craft magic spells. Dealing with spells will be able to help him to reach level 35 faster. He must also defeat every Scorpion King along the way. These are just shortcuts that can help the player and it is always up to him how he wants to finish the game.

Final Fantasy XV Review

According to GQ, Final Fantasy XV is worth the wait. The gamers have waited for 10 years just for the latest installment of the franchise. It is considered as one of the best RPGs in the video game world. What makes it even better are the graphics and the storyline of the game.

Final Fantasy XV also allows the players to use unique attacks and to use different weapons in order to upgrade the characters. It is one of the reason why the game is considered one the best. Although the game has problems, playing the game is still fun.

Final Fantasy XV fans are really happy with the outcome of the game despite some issues in the game like problems with pacing. The fans are discovering ways how to level up faster, too. Fortunately, players will eventually learn all the techniques in order to succeed in the game.

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