'Fifty Shades Darker' Star Jamie Dornan Won't Play Green Lantern; Mr. Grey Too Sexy For The Role?

"Fifty Shades Darker" actor Jamie Dornan has been rumored to be in talks with DCEU after he was offered the role of Green Lantern. A media outlet announced that the actor will play the role of Green Lantern in the "Justice League" movie and the standalone film for "Green Lantern." While this may be good news for Dornan's fans, it turns out that this casting rumor is false.

"Green Lantern" Rumors

While excitement increases over the new "Justice League" film, fans became more excited about the actors who will play the roles of their favorite heroes. On Tuesday, Nov. 29, Bravo! Film News tweeted that Dornan will play the role of Green Lantern. Given the actor's physique and appeal, at first look, he seems to be a good fit for Hal Jordan's role. Despite the marketability of the actor and the possible increase in the number of female viewers, many DC fans are against the idea.

Dornan might look great in the Green Lantern Corps skintight suit. However, most people see Mr. Christian Grey as a billionaire playboy with a fondness for ropes and floggers. Hence, many fans are worried that he will not be able to give justice to the role because of his reputation. The last actor to play the role was Ryan Reynolds back in 2011. However, the movie was considered a flop after earnings declined on its second week.

Jamie Dornan Cast Rumors Debunked

Just a day after the tweet revealing the casting rumor, Umberto Gonzalez, a reporter from The Wrap debunked these rumors. According to him, the account was reporting fake news and it was not true that there were talks between DCEU and Dornan. DC Comics COO Geoff John hearted Gonzalez' tweet debunking the rumor about Dornan's new filming engagement. Hence, fans are more convinced that the news is not true.

"Green Lantern Corps" will have its own film in 2020, while "Justice League" where Green Lantern will make an appearance is scheduled for release on Nov. 16 2017.

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