Dota 2 Boston Major: The Uncontested Winners Of The Group Stage

The Group Stage of Boston Major has just concluded and today, we're going to talk about the unrelenting forces that dominated in each seed. The heat is on as the emerging victors showed exquisite prowess and unparalleled coordination. Now that the Main Event is just two days away, let's try to make our predictions based on the performances of the dominators of each groups.

Group A

In group A, Digial Chaos dominated the seed by sweeping clean victories against both LGD.FY and WG.Unity. The International 2016 finalist clearly dominated the seed with epic style and fashion. The TI6 Grand Champions were then the second to win the seed after defeating LGD.FY in a clean 2-0 victory.

Group B

Virtus.Pro has once again proved to the world that the CIS team is back following the sheer dominance so far in the Boston Major. The CIS team recently won Summit 6 which cemented their name as one of the forces to be fathom this year. Now in Boston Major, Virtus.Pro still maintained their aggressive draft meta which caught most of the Asian teams off-guard. Just like DC, Virtus.Pro has won 2-0 across all two games in the Group Stage.

Group C

LGD is regarded as one of the best teams from China and they definitely lived up to the fans' expectations following their dominance in Group C, eliminating SEA powerhouse, Faceless and NA's Regional Qualifier, Complexity. Surprisingly enough, one of the fan-favorites in the tournament, and the featured team in True Sight, EG, was defeated by CoL in the lower bracket which came as a shock to many.

Group D

Group D was absolute bloodbath following the constant 2-1 games across all teams. But the emerging victor is non-other than the newly re-established OG which showed amazing prowess in coordination and playstyle throughout the series. Group D was seen with many back-and-forth which made it even more thrilling from the rest of the seeds.

Based on the performances from each seeds, it's safe to say that both DC and Virtus.Pro are clearly dominating the current event. Both of them has swept their opponents in a very one-sided fashion. But until the Main Event starts, we can only guess for now. Nonetheless, it's an undeniable fact that the Boston Major is one of the best tournaments we had so far post-TI.

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