EU Wants Facebok And Twitter To Remove Hate Speech Faster; Should You Be Concerned?

There is a growing widespread of "hate speech online abuse" on the internet. Apparently, the EU (European Commission) is urging the tech giants to act faster against this growing epidemic.

About The Campaign

Earlier this year, giant tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft has voluntarily signed an "anti-hate speech" code of conduct. In signing this code of conduct, the companies have agreed to give its full cooperation in removing hateful posts sent within 24 hours of them being in Europe. This code was made after concerns that the refugee crisis and terror attacks might incite a wave of illegal hate speech.

The Performance Of The Companies Involved

When the tech giants agreed to be part of this campaign against hateful speech online abuse, only 40 percent of the hateful speech complaints were reviewed within 24 hours but is said to be steadily increasing each day. However, despite the steady increase, the EU still believes that a much greater effort is needed from the IT companies, particularly Twitter, who is reported to be the slowest in responding to hate speech posts. And according to reports, these hateful posts are particularly active in Germany where the on-going refugee crisis has sparked a xenophobic backlash and has reinvigorated the far right.

What Does This Teaches Us

Social media sites are teaming up together in encouraging people to be more accepting of other people's identity and situation. One thing notable to mention is Tinder's latest update about its rules and policies in being very strict about hateful comments, posts or any acts of harassments against its users. Also, Tinder has a new feature where users can now identify their specific gender, instead of the rather traditional selection where man and woman are the only options to choose from. The feature also lets the user be able to choose if their profiles will be able shown to a specific gender.

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