Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: What to Do After Finishing the Game?

After you finish the game's story and beat the Pokemon League in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon', don't quit too quickly as there are many more things you can do in the game. Aside from completing the data of Pokedex, there are other exciting missions in the game and it almost feels like the game is never over. And this article shares some of the things players can do in the game after they finished the main story.

Catch the Island Guardians in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'

One of the first things you will be asked to do is to catch all four Guardian Deities in the game. Each island of Alola Region is guarded by one deity and you will have the chance to meet them, battle and catch them if you're lucky enough. This task shouldn't be too hard for any player after defeating the Pokemon League. All the Guardian Deity comes in level 60 so it shouldn't be too hard to defeat.

Catch the Ultra Beasts in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'

Ultra Beast will be mentioned every once in a while as you progress through the game but its not until the game is finished when the players will encounter it. After winning the Pokemon League and catching all Guardian Deities, players should had back to their home and meet a stranger who gives you a key card. This card gives you access to a room in Route 8's motel where you will meet UB Task Force and trigger the Ultra Beast task.

Find More Rare Pokemon after Finishing 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'

Some of the rarest Pokemon in the game are Type:Null and Cosmog which can be caught once you are done with the game's main story. There are many rarer Pokemon in the game and they can all be caught as players continue to explore Alola Region after finishing 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'.

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