Pokemon GO To Release New Monsters For Starbucks; Reddit User Leaks All The Info

By Allan Gonzales , Dec 06, 2016 05:12 PM EST

'Pokemon GO' players should get ready for a surprise event possibly coming on December 8. A Reddit user has just leaked that the game will be holding an event for Starbucks where they could be releasing a new Pokemon to catch. Based on the information leaked, it looks like the game will place gyms and Pokestop in every Starbucks café when the event starts.

Starbucks Employees Received Pokemon GO Memo

According to reports, a memo has been released for the employees of Starbucks about a new promotion that includes 'Pokemon GO'. Reddit user alturrisi shares the memo which says the company has collaborated with the game to hold a special event. A part of the memo says "Majority of company-operated stores across the United States will be turned into a Pokestop or Gym."

Then players will be expected to arrive in their stores to unlock a special drink from the café. "By locating your store within the game, players will unlock the 'Pokemon GO' Frappucino Blended Beverage!" as written on the memo. It also confirms the event will certainly start on December 8, Thursday and all their partners are expected to make, taste and describe the new signature drink.

Data Miners Discovered Pokemon GO Leaked Data

The leaked data were discovered by data miners who found it in 'Pokemon GO' files for Johto region hidden deep in its game codes. The code also shows new Pokemon will be seen soon and is already coded in the game and just waiting activation. However, the name of the Pokemon is not yet determined and is not confirmed if it will be one of the gen 2 Pokemon.

It can be remembered that Ditto is the latest Pokemon introduced in 'Pokemon GO' and just recently the nearby feature has been activated to selected areas. It has also been reported that 'Pokemon GO' and 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' will have an event coming soon.

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