Pokemon GO Guide: How to Prepare For The Upcoming Pokemon Trading Feature

News circulating online claims 'Pokemon GO' will soon launch their trading feature. If that feature is similar to the original Pokemon game, players should be preparing for it now so they can take advantage of the feature while it's still new. And this guide will show you exactly how to do that.

Decide which Pokemon You Want to Keep

The first thing you need to do is determine which Pokemon do you want to keep and which Pokemon do you want to trade. In trading Pokemon, you don’t just get a new Pokemon but it is assumed that you will also get a 1 or 3 candies with it. And with more candies in 'Pokemon GO', it allows you to do more power ups and of course evolve your Pokemon.

Don’t Transfer Hard to Find Pokemon

Next, you need to do is stop transferring hard to find Pokemon to Professor. Regardless of how imperfect the Pokemon is, you never know if any of your friends or potential trading partner wants it. And in order for you to get a good Pokemon, you also need to be giving a good one. However, if your 'Pokemon GO' inventory list is almost full, you could just talk to the first few people you plan to do trades with and keep the Pokemon they want from you. The rest, you can transfer.

Trade to Complete Your Pokedex

Another reason why trading is good is because it makes it easier for anyone to complete their Pokedex. This is the same reason why you should keep rare Pokemon even they’re not perfect because other players may want them as an added collection to their "Pokemon GO" Pokedex.

'Pokemon GO' Trading Feature Launch Date

As of today, there is no official date for the launch of "Pokemon GO" trading feature. However, it doesn’t hurt to prepare early as it may come anytime now. One thing that Niantic loves giving surprises to their loyal players so who knows, 'Pokemon GO' could launch it anytime now.

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