Oculus Rift Games Guide: How To Get Free Games With Touch Controller Bundles?

The Oculus Rift recently got pretty nifty accessories for VR gaming. As it turns out, what used to be just a sketch is now literally the gamer's hands. On that note, the Oculus Rift VR controllers may be expected to be more than just a mere wand that is further packed with a load of games of more than 50.

Oculus Rift users may now opt to add the Oculus Touch VR controllers for an uplifting experiences. Evidently, the Oculus Rift controllers also come with several games bundled in free of charge. To start with, Oculus Rift users may opt to explore the sketching program Quill.

In addition, Oculus Rift VR controllers may also come packed with the floating robot-game First Contact as well as the simulator game Medium. VR players who enjoy shooting games may also opt to play Dead and Buried on the Oculus Rift. Note that the shooter game comes packed with a series of competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.

Additionally, those who opted to pre-order the Oculus Touch for the Oculus Rift may expect two more games bundled in the package. The $30 each games include The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge. Note that the former is focused on magic while the latter is, as the name connotes, a sports-related mini game.

In other news, it is believed that the Oculus Rift VR controllers was first sparked in the mind of Nirav Patel. Apparently it was four years ago when Patel drew a sketch of the controller with the various buttons and shapes that it may sport. Furthermore, during the time, several companies have already been experimenting on Virtual Reality as well.

The Oculus Rift controllers reportedly stand out first and foremost because it is about 4 times cheaper than the HTC Vive for example. Moreover, the developers reportedly added hand presence feature on the Oculus Rift accessories. Apparently, many of those experiences have been noted on the free demo of Toybox Zero, which may also come in the package for free as well. Learn more about the new Oculus Touch controllers here:

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