'Minecraft' Gameplay Update: 'Boss' Update Enters Public Beta On Android [TODAY]; 'This Ain't Just Building Blocks' Developer Says

"Minecraft" gears up to bring more surprises for the explorers of its Windows 10, Gear VR and mobile versions.  As announced by Microsoft today, there will be a new update coming to add two bosses to the popular block-building survival game releases.

"Minecraft," the phenomenal hit game bought by Microsoft including its game developer Mojang for a $2.5 billion in 2014,  have sold more than 106 million copies across all of its major platforms. According to reports, the Boss Update will come to a public beta test on Android today and will be released on mobile, Windows 10 and gear VR for free sometime this fall.  

The "Minecraft" Boss update is believed to make "Minecraft" become consistently relevant as it will bring its several ports near to the feature set of its original version. In a press release given by Microsoft, the company stated that their objective is for each "Minecraft" version to have the complete feature parity with one another.

With the coming of the "Minecraft" update, the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition are expected to be brought even closer. The company also challenged those people who claim that "Minecraft" is only a game about building things using blocks to try the game and take a dose of the upcoming two boss battles.

In addition, the Boss Update will also allow the players to enter slash commands on those versions. These appear like some kind of cheats, which allow the players to immediately summon a particular monster or inventory item just by typing in specific phrases.

"Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta" is expected to cost at around $10, while  Java "Minecraft" will be  available starting at about $28. For those who wish to have the two versions of the game, they can purchase Java "Minecraft" and use the free redeem code in order to unlock the "Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta." Watch "Minecraft" Boss update here.

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